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View our gallery of finished products, pick out your print design for your new welding hood, or head to our online store and purchase your custom hydro print today.  We can print just about any type of welding hood, construction hard hats, fiber metal hoods, welding machines, guns, bows, car accessories, wheels, Atv parts, lamps, vase, toilet seats,….you name it we can dip it in the graphics of your choice!

While we can dip about anything… the welding hood is our specialty.  Say “Goodbye” to the boring pancake!  With a hydro-graphically designed welding hood by Slick Welding Hoods, you can enjoy wearing a hood that’s “slick” and really stands out on the line!

The Pancake welding hood is a welding shield used primarily by Pipeline welders that was invented by George Gilchrist of Gillette, Wyoming, right after WWII when pancake wend hoods and other welding supplies were hard to come by.

George signed his pancake hoods with an engraving tool under the face piece.  But with more than 14 years if Pipeline welding experience, Slick Welding Hoods is taking the pancake welding hood to a whole new level!  In fact, we’d be willing to bet that our slick pancake welding hood designs would make George proud.

We invite you to kick-back and browse through our Slick Welding Hoods online store.  With several designs to choose from, you can enjoy wearing a pancake welding hood that’s as individual as you are.  And, you can shop with confidence knowing that we adhere to a strict privacy policy- your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.

If you have any questions, or you are looking for a pancake welding hood design that you can’t find in our Slick Welding Hoods designs page, please email or call us at 936.465.5394.

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